Health Insurance Law, ERISA, and the Affordable Care Act

During John Oxendine’s 16 years as Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner he became nationally recognized as one of the foremost advocates for Healthcare Providers and their patients. He is the only Insurance Commissioner in American history to receive the coveted Nathan Davis award from the American Medical Association, which is their highest award and given out only once a year in Washington, DC. He has also received top awards from a number of other healthcare organizations across the United States. As Insurance Commissioner he led the country in investigating and fining health insurance companies for failing to comply with the prompt payment statute and created the model for investigating prompt payment compliance that is still used by various states around the country today. His office also became the first in the country to create an advocacy program to assist Healthcare Providers in getting claims paid by health insurance companies. Under his leadership, Georgia passed some of the most sweeping statutes and regulations protecting a patient’s right to choose their Healthcare Provider and health insurance benefits without the interference of insurance companies.

Now John Oxendine has taken his years of experience in fighting for Healthcare Providers and their patients by building an impressive nationwide practice using the claims payment provisions of federal laws such as ERISA and the Affordable Care Act to ensure that health insurance claims are properly and timely paid. He has also become nationally recognized as one of a small handful attorneys in the United States that has developed expertise in preventing health insurance companies from conducting post payment audits and then attempting to recoup or claw money back from healthcare providers.